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New! Oceana
A luxurious collection of planters made from real shells. The planters are hand-covered with oyster shells. The Oceana can be considered a genuine work of art.
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The D-lite series has a sturdy and robust appearance but is surprisingly lightweight. This series is resistant to UV radiation, frost and other extreme weather conditions.
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Offer hydroculture
Order the Scindapsus green until the end of October and take advantage of a 25% sliding scale discount.
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New! Sansevieria pineapple
The Sansevieria pineapple is a new item in our Sansevieria range. The plant has pointed leaves that grow upwards from the middle.
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Offer soilculture
Order the Philodendron selloum until the end of October and take advantage of a 18% discount. The discount is valid with a minimum order of 8 pieces. See here »
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