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New monthly promotion!
Participate in our “50th Anniversary Wheel of Fortune” competition and win a gift voucher worth €100.
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New! Baq - Opus collection
The Opus collection has a unique surface texture, resembling hammered metal. Thanks to a special finishing technique the planters are barely distinguishable from real metal.
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Offer soilculture
Order the Aglaonema cutlass until the end of June and take advantage of a 23% discount. The discount is valid with a minimum order of 10 pieces.
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4000m2 of rainforest adopted
In May, 50 cents were donated to the Work with Nature Foundation for every plant sold. Together we have been able to adopt 4000 m2.
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We celebrate our 50th anniversary!
We proudly look back at a period packed with fantastic developments. A period in which we have met valuable relations and built up amazing partnerships. We are hugely grateful!
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