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Cymbidium mix
4CYMBBP22 Cymbidium mix 3/4 Branches1480
Phalaenopsis magic art 10/tray
4PHALB108 Phalaenopsis magic art 10/tray 2-Branches 18+ purple spotted1265
Phalaenopsis washington 6/tray
4PHALB114 Phalaenopsis washington 6/tray 2-branches pink1275
Phalaenopsis multi esmeralda 6/tray
4PHALB115 Phalaenopsis multi esmeralda 6/tray 3-Branches 25+ white1245
Phalaenopsis mariola 10/tray
4PHALB119 Phalaenopsis mariola 10/tray 2-Branches 18+ purple spotted1260
Phalaenopsis melody 10/tray
4PHALB121 Phalaenopsis melody 10/tray 2-Branches 14+ pink1260
Phalaenopsis compilation 10/tray
4PHALB154 Phalaenopsis compilation 10/tray 2-Branches 18+ purple spotted1275
Phalaenopsis lively 10/tray
4PHALBP00 Phalaenopsis lively 10/tray 2-Branches 18+ white1265
Phalaenopsis limelight 10/tray
4PHALBP04 Phalaenopsis limelight 10/tray 2-Branches 14+ lime light1265
Phalaenopsis happy dancer 10/tray
4PHALBP07 Phalaenopsis happy dancer 10/tray 2-branches 18+ pink1270
Phalaenopsis 10/tray
4PHALBP08 Phalaenopsis 10/tray 1-Branch white1260
Phalaenopsis tsarine 4/tray
4PHALBP09 Phalaenopsis tsarine 4/tray 3-Branch grandiflora white1580
Phalaenopsis ikaria 6/tray
4PHALBP15 Phalaenopsis ikaria 6/tray 2-branches grandiflora white1280
Phalaenopsis babylon 10/tray
4PHALBP19 Phalaenopsis babylon 10/tray 2-Branches 18+ purple1270
Phalaenopsis party time 6/tray
4PHALBP34 Phalaenopsis party time 6/tray 2-Branches purple1270
Phalaenopsis solid gold 10/tray
4PHALBP35 Phalaenopsis solid gold 10/tray 2-Branches 18+ yellow1265
Phalaenopsis darling love 10/tray
4PHALBP39 Phalaenopsis darling love 10/tray 2-Branches 18+ white/red1265
Phalaenopsis 6/tray
4PHALBP40 Phalaenopsis 6/tray 2-Branches mix 16+1270
Phalaenopsis tsarine 4/tray
4PHALBP58 Phalaenopsis tsarine 4/tray 2-branches grandiflora white15100
Phalaenopsis judy diamond 10/tray
4PHALBP83 Phalaenopsis judy diamond 10/tray 2-Branches 18+ dark purple1270
Phalaenopsis fuller sunset 10/tray
4PHALBP84 Phalaenopsis fuller sunset 10/tray 2-Branches 18+ yellow1260
Phalaenopsis extra mix 10/tray
4PHAMIX05 Phalaenopsis extra mix 10/tray 2-Branches 14+1265
Phalaenopsis mix 10/tray
4PHAMIX07 Phalaenopsis mix 10/tray 1-Branches1270
Phalaenopsis mix 10/tray
4PHAMIX11 Phalaenopsis mix 10/tray 3-Branches 18+1260
Phalaenopsis multiflora 6/tray
4PHMUBP21 Phalaenopsis multiflora 6/tray 4+Branch 40+ multiflora white1240
Plant arrangement cymbidium
4PLARKK09 Plant arrangement cymbidium Ceramic pot with cymbidium mix3290
Vanda mix L 3/tray
4VAMIHA30 Vanda mix L 3/tray 3 Colors-60
Vanda mix M 4/tray
4VAMIHA32 Vanda mix M 4/tray 4 Colors-40
Vanda champagne mix
4VAMIHA33 Vanda champagne mix Vanda in champagne vase2470
Vanda conische vaas mix
4VAMIHA34 Vanda conische vaas mix Vanda in conical vase1770
Articles 1 - 30
Total: 31
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