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NextGen Living Wall accessories
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The NextGen accessories are optional parts that you can use for your NextGen Living Wall.

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NextGen Living Wall accessories
Accessoires SPC
6NXGXFDG7 Accessoires SPC Fastener for drywall/gypsum 7 cm lenght 7  
Accessoires FMS-10
6NXGXFMS1 Accessoires FMS-10 Fastener for masonry 10 cm lenght 10  
Accessoires FSA-10
6NXGXFSA1 Accessoires FSA-10 Fastener for stud aluminium 5 cm 10  
Accessoires FSW-10
6NXGXFSW1 Accessoires FSW-10 Fastener for stud wood 10 cm 10  
Accessoires HS-1312
6NXGXHS13 Accessoires HS-1312 Hydroscreen for 13/12 hydro plants    
Accessoires HS-1519
6NXGXHS15 Accessoires HS-1519 Hydroscreen for 15/19 hydro plants    
Accessoires PW
6NXGXPW10 Accessoires PW Plant wick    
Accessoires SP-1880
6NXGXSP10 Accessoires SP-1880 Side panel for PT-50-1210  1880
Accessoires SP-18155
6NXGXSP20 Accessoires SP-18155 Side panel for PT-50-1210  18155
Accessoires SP-2480
6NXGXSP30 Accessoires SP-2480 Side panel for PT-100-1312  2480
Accessoires SP-24155
6NXGXSP40 Accessoires SP-24155 Side panel for PT-100-1312  24155
Accessoires SP-3080
6NXGXSP50 Accessoires SP-3080 Side panel for PT-100-1519  3080
Accessoires SP-3080
6NXGXSP60 Accessoires SP-3080 Side panel for PT-100-1519  30155
Accessoires SPC
6NXGXSPC1 Accessoires SPC Side panel connector 15 cm length 15  
Accessoires SPS
6NXGXSS10 Accessoires SPS Space saver    
Accessoires WA-02
6NXGXWA02 Accessoires WA-02 Washers 2 cm dia.2   
Accessoires Lighting
6NXGYLE40 Accessoires Lighting Lamp LED light 40watt    
Accessoires Lighting
6NXGYLED Accessoires Lighting Track connector (3-wire) 100  
Accessoires Lighting
6NXGYLEDT Accessoires Lighting Track (3-wire) 100 cm lenght incl. power adaptor plus end cap 100  
Total: 19
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