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Company profile

Company profile

Nieuwkoop Europe B.V. has been a leading trade name in the field of hydroculture, pot plants and exclusive hardware for decades. Our products find their way to mostly business end-users through project planters, exporters, garden centers and florists in more than 40 countries in 3 continents. Nieuwkoop Europe B.V. has been a front runner in this specialized market for many years.

Mission statement

Our pay-off, The Green Lifestyle®, says it all. Nieuwkoop Europe B.V. aims at playing a market-leading role as a supplier for the green indoor project market by means of innovation and creativity.


Our assortment is based on the main groups 'Plants', 'Hardware' and 'Services'. Within the 'Plants' main group, Nieuwkoop Europe B.V. stands out with its market-orientated offering of 'hydroculture' and 'soilculture'. Not only in width and depth of its assortment, but especially in terms of availability Nieuwkoop Europe B.V. is a market leader.

The 'Hardware' main group is divided into four item groups: 'Planters', 'Decoration', 'Equipment and Materials' and 'Silk Plants'.
To develop these item groups further, we put ourselves in the place of our customers and end-users, not only restricting ourselves to interior items, but also adding to our assortment a multitude of items essential for the execution of maintenance or for making maintenance easier.

Of course, our service does not stop at the physical product. The 'Services' main group pertains to high-quality service and support in the field of professional interior planting. Whether solving complex logistics issues or helping with setting up planting plans, Nieuwkoop Europe B.V. is only limited by its own creativity and that of its customers.


Nieuwkoop Europe B.V. selects and imports items from all over the world. For the benefit of the 'Plants' and 'Hardware' main groups we take up our position at the source of our purchasing and manufacturing channels, which allows us to control our position in the market in the best possible way for the benefit of our customers.


Due to close cooperation with our logistics partners, we can act quickly and accurately in more than 40 countries. The point of departure is that Nieuwkoop Europe B.V. always finds logistics solutions that are in line with our customers’ specific wishes, no matter where these customers are.


Communication plays a crucial role in every transaction. Thanks to guaranteeing your contacts’ excellent reachability by telephone, fax and e-mail, we can respond quickly to whatever is important for you. In our reachability strategy our web site has pride of place. It has been set up in such a way that you can easily find answers to frequently occurring information needs related to prices, inventory, current orders and transactions.

Key statistics
•  Founded   1-11-1968
•  Staff   108 fte
•  Surface   154.800 m²
    •  Greenhouse   58.400 m²
    •  Warehouse   14.000 m²
    •  Expedition   4.200 m²
    •  Cash & Carry   6.200 m²
    •  Other   72.000 m²