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The Nieuwkoop Pyramide

The Pyramide has everything the florist, trader or interior plantscaper needs to stand out from the competition: planters, decorative materials, silk plants and green and flowering soil and hydro plants which are delivered on a daily basis.
No commission is payable on top of the prices shown and boxes do not have to be paid for either!

Nieuwkoop Europe B.V. has been renowned throughout the world for years. Our products find their way to corporate end consumers through exporters, garden centres and florists in more than forty countries on three continents.

The wholesale centre at the Pyramide has been established especially for florists, traders and interior plantscapers. Cooperation with leading suppliers ensures a broad, high-quality assortment of products which are displayed in various arrangements.

The objective of the Pyramide is to provide florists with the best possible service. To start with, you can choose whether to visit in person or to place your orders via the internet. If you decide to come along to pick up some inspiring ideas, you can drive your trailer or van right up the door. The Pyramide is located in Honselersdijk (near Naaldwijk).
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Alternatively, you are welcome to visit our website, where you can read the latest news and place your order online. You can opt to have the products delivered or come and pick them up yourself. It goes without saying that orders placed by telephone or fax are put together with the greatest of care too.

The Pyramide is exclusively for professionals. Professional advice is part and parcel of a professional offer and the Pyramide’s specialists, all of whom have years of experience in sales, interior planting and cash and carry, will immediately understand what you need and help you find an appropriate solution.

Our soil and hydro plants come from our parent company Nieuwkoop Europe’s greenhouses, supplemented by Yucca, Ficus, Microcarpa and Beaucarnea we produce ourselves. We have, moreover, a large stock of fresh green and flowering plants which are supplied directly by selected growers. The Pyramide also sells a wide selection of silk flowers and plants. Sample decorations are on show at various spots and the materials required to create these decorations can be found in their immediate vicinity. Besides an unprecedented number of planters from the well-known Nieuwkoop collection, the Pyramide’s assortment includes baskets, glassware, candles and many other materials used in floristry and decorations in general. Finally, there is a continual rotating seasonal range which caters, for example, for the most commonly observed international holidays.

All our products are clearly priced per item or per packaging unit and the price stated on the article is the price that will actually be on your invoice.
So you pay the price you see, without any additional commission costs or surcharges for the disposable boxes we provide.

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    Middel Broekweg 33
    2675 KC Honselersdijk
    The Netherlands

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