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The tropical Strelizia nicolai

Styling & Trends
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The Strelitiza nicolai is an exclusive plant with a tough look and gives an exotic effect to any room. The plant is originally South African and is known for its beautiful large green leaves, which grow upwards like a fan.

Keep it green

The Strelitzia has an air-purifying effect and does well in a place with lots of light, but make sure that the plant is not in the hot afternoon sun in the summer. The large leaves are made up of several veins. This creates a large and strong leaf. The outer leaves may turn brown after a while. This is a natural process, you can remove these leaves if necessary.

Keep it green

The perfect combination

The tough, tropical appearance is easy to combine with an exclusive planter, such as the Universe Wave from theBaq Luxe Lite collection. This bronze-colored planter has a luxurious design and is a real eye-catcher!

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The perfect combination
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