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Capi Lux

Product number : 6CAPLV262
Background & practical information about this product

Capi makes unique design pots in many colours and models. The Lux Stripes is a texture in our Lux indoor collection. This handmade indoor planter has a smooth and modern design. The new series Lux Stripes literally has a vertical striped texture. The Capi Lux Stripes pots are handmade, which means that every flowerpot is unique.<br><br>&#x0D; &#x0D; This product has the following characteristics:<br>&#x0D; - 3 year warranty<br>&#x0D; - Indoor<br>&#x0D; - Lightweight<br><br>&#x0D; &#x0D; These indoor pots have no drainage holes but are not guaranteed to be 100% watertight.<br><br>&#x0D; &#x0D; <a href="https:\\images.nieuwkoop-europe.com\download-center\Capi.pdf" target="_blank">View the brochure here</a><br><br>