Nieuwkoop Europe believes that quality, safety and sustainability are very important. In our business operations, we continue to take into account the quality requirements of our customers and the impact our activities have on the environment. To guarantee this, we have our processes tested regularly, and we have all the certifications mentioned below in our possession.

Quality is paramount

We believe it is important that customers can rely on our quality. For that reason, we dedicate a lot of our time and attention to quality control, customer satisfaction and safety to ensure that we meet the expectations of our customers.

MPS-Florimark TraceCert

The Florimark TraceCert certificate is specifically aimed at all quality requirements related to the product, such as freshness, entry control, storage, inventory management, and distribution. All products that we purchase are processed with the greatest care and attention. Download here 


MPS-Florimark GTP

In addition to the quality of our products, we also take social aspects and environmental requirements into account, such as employee training, hygiene and safety. The Florimark GTP certificate shows that the rules concerning the environment and personnel are being pursued. Download here 


ISO 9001

To make quality a structural part of the organisation, we use the ISO 9001 quality management system. The quality management system helps us to assess whether our products and services meet the expectations of our customers and whether they comply with the required laws and regulations. Download here

Kwekerij 30

Sustainable business with attention to the environment

Nieuwkoop Europe wants to make the world a lot greener with its products, literally and figuratively. We do this, among other things, by reducing our energy and water consumption, separating waste and by taking responsibility for the use of pesticides.


We have an MPS-A certificate, which means that we minimise the environmental impact on our production locations. To achieve this, we closely monitor and control the use of raw materials, such as pesticides, fertilisers and energy. Download here 

ISO 14001:2015

The international ISO 14001:2015 standard focuses on systematically managing environmental responsibilities and contributing to the environmental pillar of sustainability as an organisation. This standard specifies the requirements of an efficient environmental management system that organisations can apply to optimise their environmental performance. With our ISO 14001:2015 certification, we can demonstrate that an active environmental policy is fundamental to the procedures within the organisation and that we act according to a responsible environmental management system. Download here


Cooperation is the key to success

We don’t make the world that little bit greener on our own. We need each other to jointly develop sustainable processes – from production to the customer. That is why we work together with parties that comply with our environmental and quality requirements.