CSR pillars

In addition to knowledge and craftsmanship, we also bear great responsibility in the field of sustainability. We take this into account in our business operations. We cannot achieve this alone, we do it together with all our employees, suppliers and chain partners. Based on our CSR pillars, we are taking steps towards a green chain. From production to customer.

Ethical and sustainable purchasing

Sustainable purchasing means that, in addition to the price and quality of the products and services we purchase, we also pay attention to the social and environmental aspects of our purchasing activities. In other words: we look at the effects on people, nature and the environment.

The products we sell are produced and / or grown with care for people, animals and the environment and are purchased for a fair price. We also ask our chain partners to apply the same standards and values.

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Environmentally conscious business operations

Nieuwkoop Europe has undertaken several initiatives to drastically reduce CO2 emissions. For example, we have invested in solar panels and green electricity is used, but various other saving measures have also been taken.

Solar panels

More than 1,085 solar panels have been installed on the roof of Nieuwkoop Europe in De Kwakel. The solar panels together deliver about 328,000 kWh per year; that is approximately 55% of Nieuwkoop Europe's annual electricity consumption. Installing solar panels is a logical step in our transition to sustainable business operations. We have the ambition to install approximately 1,200 solar panels on the roof of the new building within 2 years.

Reduction of energy consumption

The entire building has underfloor heating, which has the advantage that it gives off heat evenly, so that less heating is required. In total we have installed more than 50 kilometers of underfloor heating.

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Reduction of water use

Rainwater is collected in basins of 11,000 m3, with which we can meet our entire water requirement. All water, with the exception of drinking water, is regenerated, purified and filtered in a closed system and then goes to underground basins. The water is used, among other things, for spraying the roots of soil plants before they are put on hydro. It is also used for our watering system and hydro cultivation.

Waste and packaging materials

We not only focus on reducing waste, but also on recycling used materials. Plastic waste is separated and made suitable for recycling. All other waste, such as cardboard / paper, metal and wood, is collected separately as much as possible so that optimal recycling is possible.

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Doing business successfully together

Nieuwkoop Europe offers its employees a pleasant, inspiring and challenging work environment with fair opportunities for everyone. In the open and socially involved culture, a lot of attention is paid to safety and prevention. We want our employees to develop and take advantage of opportunities to grow within our company. For this we offer targeted training programs to increase their skills. In addition, everyone has the opportunity to develop further through training and external training. As a company we are involved in the "Green Education Center". This organization connects education and companies from the green sector. In this way we introduce students to our company and try to make them enthusiastic about a future in our green sector. Providing educational internships is part of this.