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A work of art with a passion for nature!

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Choose from our wide range of moss paintings, available in various frames, sizes and different types of moss. Everything is tailor-made in our own workshop according to the desired dimensions, type of moss and finishing.

The moss we use comes from forests in Northern and Eastern Europe where it is grown on reserves to undermine overexploitation. It is harvested by hand by recognised companies. This process is completely harmless to nature because the moss grows back again. After harvesting, the moss is cleaned and treated with an environmentally friendly liquid preparation. As a result, the moss continues to look lovely for many years to come and retains its natural colours.

View our collection of moss paintings here or contact us for customization

If you haven’t found what you are looking for amongst our standard moss paintings, we can make a moss painting for you according to your specifications. You have a choice of three different types of frames: aluminium, Superline (stainless steel) and steel.If you would like to have something different, a moss logo could be just what you are looking for. A moss logo is a good way of improving the image of your company. It symbolises a sustainable, environmentally aware organisation and will make a lasting impression on your customers and visitors. With a moss panel you can easily create a natural partition on the work floor. Allow your imagination to run away with you and discuss your most creative moss craft ideas with us.

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