Atmospheric autumn bouquet with warm and trendy colours

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Autumn is approaching, and this season naturally symbolises warmth and cosiness. Dark and warm colours take centre stage. With a stunning artificial bouquet, you can introduce these atmospheric colours into the interior. We provide you with the tips and tricks to create such a trendy centrepiece yourself.

An initial outline and solid foundation with branches and flowers

The first step in creating a statement artificial bouquet is choosing a vase or planter. We have opted for the elegant gold-coloured Moda pot. The Emperor model exudes a regal aura, and its vertical ridges add dimension. You then start by establishing the bouquet's foundation. A robust foundation gives direction and form to the ensemble, from which you can start building with accents.

Opt for flowers, branches, or plants that aren't too eye-catching but can outline the bouquet's shape. For instance, we have chosen the Grape Leaf, a dense branch with leaves close together. This serves as the initial filler at the bottom. From there, we added taller blossom branches and Large Berries. As the branches and flowers ascend and can be bent in any direction, they provide ample shape to the ensemble.

Artificial herfst boeket

Creating definition and fullness

After the base is set, it is time to give the bouquet definition. We break the conventional round shape by introducing some elongated flower stems. We opt for the purple Eremurus and a pink-orange Veronica flower. These add width to the bouquet and ensure the viewer's gaze is pulled in various directions. The contrasting hues and the flowers' shape introduce playfulness and breadth.

To make the bouquet fuller and cohesive, our stylist Silke adds some lower, rounder flowers. In this bouquet, we are using the Hydrangea and the Heracleum. They fill in the vacant spots in the bouquet's lower centre. By pairing a striking flower like the Hydrangea with the subtler Heracleum, an immediate captivating effect is achieved, drawing the gaze to the Hydrangea. Our tip for adding definition is not just to select striking or brightly coloured flowers, but to carefully consider where you want to draw attention. Those who look longer will naturally discover the hidden gems.

Artificial herfst boeket gif

Introducing depth and dynamism with colour

When arranging a bouquet, it is always crucial to alternate between light and dark shades. Doing so creates a depth effect in the bouquet, generating dynamism. You can experiment with this; the eye naturally gravitates towards lighter colours, while darker hues are perceived in the background. For the dark shade, adding significant depth to the bouquet, we have chosen a purple-brown Dahlia. The lighter accent colours elevate the bouquet. Stylist Silke selects a flower in a brighter shade of orange and a warm pale-pink Zinnia.


Last step: incorporate the bouquet into the interior

Now that the bouquet has been fully assembled, you will see a rich foundation with a lot of colour definition and beautiful branching accents, truly making a statement in the room. Wish to connect the bouquet with the interior? Introduce one or several elements from the bouquet in various places. For instance, we have chosen to fill a vase in one of the accent colours with the elegant berry branch from the bouquet.

Artificial autumn bouquet detail
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