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From the greenhouse to the project...

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Anyone who has visited the greenhouses at Nieuwkoop Europe will undoubtedly remember the amount of large tropical plants growing there. You immediately get the feeling that you have landed in the middle of a jungle. But how do these enormous plants find their way from the greenhouse to the final project?

Selecting the right plant

Naturally, we will start at the beginning, and that is by selecting the perfect plant. To ensure that the right plant for the project is selected, our customers are always accompanied by one of our specialists who are there to offer advice. This advice takes into account aspects such as the amount of daylight, the characteristics of the plant, the required care and any obstacles presented by the project, such as narrow entrances or a second floor.

A red label indicates reserved

Now that we know which plants have been selected for the project, a red label is attached to indicate that they are reserved. It is important that the plants remain where they are until they are fully acclimatised. This is how we guarantee the quality of our plants.

Lifting up large plants

One forklift truck is used when lifting up large plants and one person assists on the ground. For the really big plants weighing more than 3,000 kilos, a second forklift truck is used. First of all, we seal off the top of the pot entirely to prevent potting soil from falling out when the plant is tilted. Next, we prepare the stem. Depending on the type of plant, the stem is firmly wrapped to protect it. The stem of the Veitchia Merrillii, for example, is vulnerable and must be supported by wooden slats to prevent it from breaking during transport. A noose is then placed around the stem and the plant is slowly tilted until it is horizontally balanced.

Cleaning and packing

As soon as the plant arrives on the packing floor, it is made ready for transport. This is where we give the plant a final thorough cleaning, which includes the removal of any dead leaves. The crown of the plant is then carefully wrapped and made as narrow as possible so that it will fit in the truck. Several pallets and a low tempex are placed underneath the stem to support it during transport.

Planting on arrival

Last but by no means least, we advise our customers on the type of equipment they can hire for moving and planting the plants on arrival. If required, we can offer advice or contact specialists to come and help you.

Tip: We recommend loading plants separately. The trolleys are often too big for the tailgate of the lorry. Transporting plants separately in the lorry will save valuable time and effort during unloading.

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