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Good soil, healthy plant

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A healthy plant starts with good soil. Potting soil is namely the basis for good plant development. Many people sometimes forget this. For healthy and strong plant development, the potting soil must meet several special quality requirements, such as the water absorption capacity, the right amount of air, the correct pH level (acidity) and EC level (nutrients).

A good soil structure

At Nieuwkoop Europe we understand the importance of good potting soil. That is why we only work with our own brand of potting soil. This potting soil has been specially formulated for all types of interior plants. So not only for green plants, but also for flowering plants.

We use only high-quality raw materials such as different types of peat, broken hydro granules, clay, coir and lava stone for the composition of our potting soil. Peat is an essential component of a good potting soil. This not only ensures that water is absorbed more quickly, but it also retains water longer, which prevents the substrate from drying out. Broken hydro granules are another important component and they ensure a coarse, airy structure and encourage root growth.

A good soil structure

The correct EC and pH levels

In addition to good soil structure, certain nutrients are required to encourage plant development. The amount of nutrients in the soil is indicated by the EC levels. Nieuwkoop Europe’s potting soil contains sufficient nutrients for approximately 6 months. After this period, it is important that you feed the plant yourself on a regular basis, for example with a liquid plant feed. The correct acidity level (pH) is also important. If the soil is too acidic, it will disturb the plant’s feed intake. Lime regulates soil acidity, which is why it is added to the potting soil.

RHP quality mark

Our potting soil has been approved with the RHP quality mark. This quality mark checks whether the soil meets all the quality requirements that are needed to guarantee the healthy development of plants. So if you want the best soil for your plants, then you should choose Nieuwkoop Europe potting soil.

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