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With bright colours like hot pink, orange, and purple, no one can miss the style trend Viva la Vida. This greenery style trend for 2024 is all about cheerfulness and celebrating life, making it perfect for summer. In this blog, you will learn more about this trend.

Background on this trend

Celebrating life, that's what the Viva la Vida style trend is all about. This exuberance and festivity form a counter-reaction to the many crises in society. Escaping from them and shutting out negativity is best achieved by being immersed in a world of colour, cheerfulness, passion, and expressiveness.

The Viva la Vida style trend draws many elements from Southern European and Central American cultures. This is reflected in the colours, materials, and patterns used. For flowers and plants, nothing is too extravagant. Colourful floral arrangements or bouquets are featured, as are blooming plants. Viva la Vida is thus the perfect style trend to apply in outdoor spaces, such as gardens and balconies. A colourful citrus tree or blooming plant, such as the Camellia japonica, instantly brightens up such a space!

Stijltrend Viva la Vida

Colour usage and materials

Colour plays a very important role in this style trend. Cheerful, exuberant, and bright colours are central and may all be combined with each other. Consider orange, red, pink, purple, and yellow. Accents in darker colours, like black and brown, can be added to give the whole more depth. Of course, the green of plants also plays an important role.

Mostly natural materials are used that have a high decorative factor and add texture. Think of wicker, mosaic, and textiles, with which weaving or fringes are created, for example. The Bohemian planter, made of woven rope, is a good example of this, as are the Marly or Laos, known for their decorative surface textures.

Viva la Vida detail

Shapes and patterns

In the Viva la Vida style trend, particularly calm shapes with a contemporary appearance are used. This way, all attention goes to the colours and materials. Vases that perfectly match this are the Bamba vases.

The patterns used are especially focused on colour. Floral patterns are common, but more modern patterns like stripes are also featured. In the patterns, we see many Spanish and Central American influences.


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