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high discounts on water features

Styling & Trends
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Be surprised by the soothing feeling of the flowing water of a water feature. The ornaments have a natural look with atmospheric lighting and are therefore a real eye-catcher on the terrace or in the garden.

Weather resistant and easy to install

The water is pumped from an integrated water reservoir by means of an included pump. The flowing water is beautifully illuminated with warm white light and because the stone water feature stands alone, it can be placed anywhere. The movable ornament can stand freely and does not need extra reinforcement.

The water ornaments are made of polyresin, a mixture of ground stone and plastic. This high-quality material is strong, weather-resistant and the constant water flow does not cause erosion damage to the ornament. This keeps the ornaments beautiful for a long time.

View the water features here and take advantage of discounts of more than 35%!

Weather resistant and easy to install
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