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With artificial flowers, you can go in any direction. In this article, we would like to inspire you with cheerful creations of new artificial items, such as a colourful bouquet and a statement tree. The bright colours turn the creations into real trendy eye-catchers in the interior. With our tips and tricks, you can get started right away!

Colourful tree with artificial flowers

With artificial, you can let your creativity run wild! With flowers, you not only create the most beautiful bouquets but also decorations such as this tree. A colourful tree like this can be arranged entirely according to your own taste and wishes. Below, we would like to offer you some tips and tricks.


Natural base

For the base of branches, we have chosen Manzanita decowood. This type of wood has many branches and is thus very suitable for creating a full tree. The natural character of these branches is further emphasised by the use of a planter from the Baq Naturescast® collection. This is made from recycled forest remnants, such as dry leaves, branches, and tree bark.


Shape and dynamics

To shape the tree, it is good to work on the height and the width. Attach some flowers, such as the Rose London and Hibiscus, to the top branches and a hanging flower like the Thai Jasmine to the sides. The best way to attach these is with sturdy iron wire.

Then, you can add depth and dynamics to the tree by attaching various flowers to the branches. In this flower tree, pink and blue are the dominant colours. Alternate light and dark colours with each other to create a playful effect. Continuously check the tree from different angles and fill in any gaps as needed.

Artificial IPM

Statement bouquet with trendy colours

Creating a stunning bouquet is of course still possible! Over the past few years, we have seen increasingly brighter and more contrasting colours in interiors and decorations. A number of new artificial items from our range perfectly match this trend!

When creating a bouquet, it's always best to start from a calm base. Use ferns, Adianthum, and Rapeseed along with branches and Heracleum to set the contours of the bouquet. Our stylist Anna then adds the various flowers, alternating the use of colours. This way, it's always clear where an addition is needed. Some of the beautiful artificial items used for this bouquet include the purple-pink Delphinium, the bright blue Lily, deep purple Fern Leaf, and the stunning new Cosmos.

Artificial IPM gif
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