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More and more sustainable planters

Styling & Trends
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We have to start thinking differently. We can no longer only use new raw materials for the production of goods. That is why a conscious choice is increasingly being made for sustainable products. This trend can clearly be seen in our sector, not only where it concerns plants, but also planters and accessories.

Last year, we introduced the Fibrics brand. Fibrics is a brand of planters for indoor and outdoor use that was designed from a completely sustainable perspective. The products are made from natural materials, predominantly bamboo, and the colour is determined by the use of agricultural materials like coffee beans and wheat husks. These materials are shredded and then bound together by a small amount of resin.

The planters are not only sustainable from the very start, but they also last a very long time! The products are fully waterproof and frost and UV resistant, so they will still look beautiful in several years’ time.

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