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Street Savage style trend: raw and imperfect

Styling & Trends
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This style trend blends the need for imperfection with the street influences from the hip hop scene that influence the interior. This creates a unique and sometimes slightly raw urban atmosphere. We show you how this trend is easy to apply with a few simple adjustments.

Powerful colors and imperfect materials

This style trend is an extension of the sporty neon trend that we have seen in the streets for some time. But then focused on the interior. Shapes are industrial and imperfect and could just as easily have been used for another purpose. This also applies to the materials. You often see corrugated sheet, perforated metal and diamond plate in this style trend. Colors are strong and may clash or demand attention, such as signal stripe yellow. Of course, the color of the street, concrete gray, regularly returns here. Designs express themselves as graffiti, pictograms and "accidentally" designs such as stain and drip patterns.

Powerful colors and imperfect materials

Which plants and planters are suitable?

It is not necessary to change the entire contents and get started with paint rollers to apply this style trend. With a few simple additions and adjustments, the interior is completely up to date again. For example, use red brightly colored planters from the Vogue line from Baq. The choice of plants is enormous. A cactus fits perfectly in this style, but also lush flowering plants are suitable. With a Strelizia with painted dots in a colorful color, a small work of art is quickly created. Even a green wall quickly becomes completely stylish thanks to the use of large feathers and exotic bloomers.

View here the Baq Vogue collection

 Which plants and planters are suitable?
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