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This is how you take care of a Dracaena

Tips & Tricks
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The Dracaena is a very suitable office plant. With minimal, but proper care, you keep the plant beautifully full and fresh for a long time. In this article we give you some useful care tips.

Dracaenas are true shade plants. They need up to 3 hours of direct sunlight per day. It is therefore preferable to place these plants in front of a north-facing window. If the Dracaena is placed close to a window, it is advisable to start in winter. Then the plant can gradually move closer to the window, so that the plant can tolerate direct sunlight in summer. Variegated specimens like the Dracaena (Pleomele) Song of India like to be in a sunny spot.

Watering the Dracaena

The amount of water depends on, among other things, the temperature, size of the plant and the light intensity. With soil culture, absolutely no layer of water should be placed at the bottom of the pot, the soil must be able to absorb all moisture. If the soil still feels moist after a few days, it is advisable to wait until the soil feels dry and give less water per watering.

Originally, the Dracaena is a desert plant and therefore consumes little water. Water the plant only when the soil feels dry. This will happen faster in the summer period than in the winter period. In winter, the Dracaena can soak without water, watering once every 4-6 weeks is more than enough. In summer we recommend watering once every 2-3 weeks. A Dracaena on hydroculture can last even longer without water.

Knowing more? Read all about hydroculture in our brochure.

Discolored leaves

The color of the leaf tells in most situations what the plant needs. Brown spots with a yellow edge usually means that the plant has received too much water. Yellow leaves often come from too much (direct) sunlight. If the Dracaena has curled leaves, this is a sign of dehydration. If you want to remove discolored foliage from a Dracaena, there is a handy trick for that. Tear the blade lengthwise and then pull it down from the trunk. You will see that the wound dries up beautifully.

Pruning Dracaena

Pruning is easy by cutting off the heads of the Dracaena with secateurs. The plant will then sprout under the cut, which will make the plant wider. If you prune the side branches, the plant will become less wide. Pruning the Dracaena can release juice that can irritate it if it gets on your skin. So always wash your hands thoroughly after pruning.

The best time to prune the Dracaena is winter, so that the plant can sprout again in the spring. Pruning has the advantage that the plant remains nicely compact. In addition, during the winter more light reaches the core of the houseplant. The new young shoots give the plant a fresh look!

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