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With the right topping, you can give your plant-pot combination the perfect finish. Besides the plant and the pot, a topping really makes a difference to the appearance of the plant display. In this blog, we would therefore like to show you our various toppings, so that from now on you can easily find the finishing touch for your plant display. These toppings are also used in the more than 1500 unique plant displays in our range, which are fully assembled by us.


Tree bark is a material that is often used to finish plant-pot combinations. The material is of natural origin and therefore enhances the organic look of a plant. Tree bark has a number of advantageous properties. It is very dry, which gives it the ability to store moisture and release it when the plant needs it. Tree bark is suitable for both interior and garden plants. In the interior, it prevents the potting soil from drying out too quickly. As a result, the plant needs water less often and the air humidity is maintained. In the garden, for example as a ground cover, tree bark prevents weed growth and protects the plants from frost.


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Toplagen boomschors

Ardennes chippings

Ardennes chippings are broken limestone and are usually grey in colour. As the name suggests, the natural stone is extracted in the Belgian Ardennes. The advantage of Ardennes chippings is their high compressive strength, which ensures that the stone does not easily shatter. It is therefore often used for driveways, but a somewhat finer gravel is certainly also suitable in garden borders and as a top layer for interior plants.


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Vulkastrat consists of volcanic minerals such as lava, pumice and zeolite and is usually used as a substrate. Vulkastrat has several advantages, such as the ability to absorb a lot of moisture and a high level of nutrients contained in it. It releases water slowly, which means the substrate does not dry out quickly. Due to the decorative appearance of the mineral granules, Vulkastrat can also serve well as a top layer. The small grains of around 2-8 millimetres are suitable for combinations with both large and small plants.


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Pearl stone

Decorative stones give each combination a unique look. Unlike bark or fountain grass, these stones have no effect on plant care and are therefore purely decorative. Pearl stones come in different types, colours and sizes, each of which suits different combinations. For a planter with a slightly smaller diameter, for example, choose Black Pearl, whose pebbles measure between 10 and 30 millimetres. Use the Orlean (quartz) from 30 to 60 millimetres for a slightly larger pot that needs to stand out.


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