Aglaonema 'Key Lime' in Lechuza Rondo

Product number : CC0006481

The Aglaonema originates from East Asia, mainly Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia where the plant grows in a shady spot beneath the leafy canopy of large trees.


The manufacturer of Lechuza has unique expertise in the field of plastic development and processing, which is reflected in visible quality for many years of enjoyment. The Premium Collection has a premium finish that guarantee the best quality. And the Lechuza irrigation system always provides the right amount of water for magnificent plant growth.

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Planting system

This plant display is made up with a pot plant, filled with Vulkastrat and is equipped with a waterlevel indicator. Vulkastrat absorbs more water than regular soil and releases it gradually to the roots. Vulkastrat cannot shrink shut due to its coarse structure, which keeps the soil more airy and allows the roots to absorb enough oxygen.

Aglaonema 'Key Lime' in Lechuza Rondo

Soil (Vulkastrat)
Planter Diameter: