Aloe vera barbadensis in Capi Lux Retro

Product number : CC0008582



The Aloe originates from the Middle East, but is now widespread in the Caribbean, Central America and Asia. The Aloe has thick grey-green leaves in which the plant stores moisture and nutrients to survive during periods of drought. Aloe vera barbadensis juice has a therapeutic effect and is a popular ingredient in cosmetics and skin care products.


Capi Europe makes extraordinary design planters in many colours and models, for indoor and outdoor use. Part of the production takes place completely CO2-neutral in Tilburg, the Netherlands.

The planters from the Lux Retro collection are true eye-catchers in the interior. They have a retro look in a luxurious jacket and are available in large and smaller sizes. The Lux Retro collection is available in three chic colours: gold, silver and copper. The planters do not have a drainage hole, but may not be 100% waterproof.

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Planting system

This plant display is made up with a pot plant, filled with Vulkastrat and is equipped with a waterlevel indicator. Vulkastrat absorbs more water than regular soil and releases it gradually to the roots. Vulkastrat cannot shrink shut due to its coarse structure, which keeps the soil more airy and allows the roots to absorb enough oxygen.

Aloe vera barbadensis in Capi Lux Retro

Soil (Vulkastrat)
Planter Diameter:
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