Ficus lyrata in Capi Nature Groove Special

Product number : CC0034804

The Ficus grows mainly in the tropical regions of Asia, Africa and South America, but can also be found in other parts of the world such as Australia and the Mediterranean. The Ficus lyrata can be recognised by its large fiddle-shaped leaves with striking, light veins. Make sure the plant is kept away from draughts because they will not be tolerated and will cause the leaves to become ugly.


Capi Europe makes extraordinary design planters in many colours and models, for indoor and outdoor use. Part of the production takes place completely CO2-neutral in Tilburg, the Netherlands.

The Nature Groove Special collection consists of playful planters in a variety of colours. The design with its clean lines is based on the grooves found in stones and mountains in nature. The colourful planters give any interior a fresh and modern look. They are not fitted with a drainage hole, but the planters may not be 100% waterproof.

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Planting system

This plant display is made up with a pot plant, filled with Vulkastrat and is equipped with a waterlevel indicator. Vulkastrat absorbs more water than regular soil and releases it gradually to the roots. Vulkastrat cannot shrink shut due to its coarse structure, which keeps the soil more airy and allows the roots to absorb enough oxygen.

Ficus lyrata in Capi Nature Groove Special

Soil (Vulkastrat)
Planter Diameter: