Kentia (Howea) forsteriana in Baq Gradient Lee

Product number : CC0034972

The Kentia, also known as Howea forsteriana, is one of the stronger palm varieties. This plant originates from Lord Howe Island, a small island to the east of Australia. The Kentia palm is a very popular indoor plant because it is easy to maintain.


Baq stands for high-quality planters that are meticulously designed and expertly crafted. Available in a wide range of materials, each Baq planter has its own unique look, which makes for a highly diverse collection. Ranging from contemporary to timeless, from rugged to refined, and from bright colours to subtle minimalism.

The Gradient planters feature a subtle, hand-sprayed colour gradient that creates a harmonious look. The models in this collection are made of polyresin, a solid material consisting of a mixture of ground stone and liquid synthetic resin.

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Planting system

This plant display is prepared with hydro granules. By default, it is made up with a waterlevel indicator that allows you to read the correct water level for watering.

Kentia (Howea) forsteriana in Baq Gradient Lee

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