Agave macroacantha in Cylinder

Product number : CC0045746

The Agave is native to desert-like areas of the United States and Mexico. It has thick, fleshy leaves in which the plant stores moisture and nutrients to survive during periods of drought. Be careful, because the points of these leaves have sharp spines. In Mexico, this plant is used for the production of Tequila.


The TS collection is diverse and very extensive, each planter has its own characteristics. The Cylinder is handmade from high-quality ceramic and has an exceptionally beautiful glaze. This planter is available in various colours and suitable for outdoor use, but can also be placed indoors with an insert..

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Planting system

This plant display is made up with a pot plant and is filled with our Peat Free substrate and equipped with a drainage hole. No peat is used in the Peat free potting soil developed by us. Due to the addition of broken hydro granules, this substrate still has sufficient water-absorbing capacity.



Agave macroacantha in Cylinder

Soil outdoor with Bark
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