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Capi Nature Row

Product number : 6CAPRZ841
Background & practical information about this product

Capi makes unique design pots in many colours and models. This design planter out of the Row collection is made of recycled materials and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The orange inside of the planter is intended to represent their place of origin and it also provides the planters with insulation, offering your plants extra protection against both heat in summer and cold in winter. This extra layer provides extra firmness to the planter, which makes it fracture-resistant. Besides, the planter has a warranty of the 10 years. <br><br>&#x0D; &#x0D; The Row-texture gives the planter a natural look. The texture is based on sand drifts on the beach. The broad lines on these pots represent rhythmic waves, which produce a calming effect. The relief in the pattern gives the pot a character all of its own.<br><br>&#x0D; &#x0D; The planter contains the following characteristics: <br>&#x0D; - 10 year warranty<br>&#x0D; - Indoor &amp; outdoor use<br>&#x0D; - Insulating layer<br>&#x0D; - 100% recyclable<br>&#x0D; - Fracture-resistant<br>&#x0D; - Lightweight<br>&#x0D; - Frost-resistant<br>&#x0D; - UV-resistant<br>&#x0D; &#x0D; The planter is perfect for indoor use, because the planters are 100% watertight. For outdoor use you only have to drill a drainage hole with a minimum of 25 mm. <br><br>&#x0D; &#x0D; <a href="https:\\images.nieuwkoop-europe.com\download-center\Capi.pdf" target="_blank">View the brochure here</a><br><br>