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Capi Nature Stone

Product number : 6CAPSZ193
Background & practical information about this product

Capi makes unique design pots in many colours and models. This Capi Nature Stone planter has a special appearance because of its Stone structure. This texture is, as the name suggests, inspired by stone. The Stone pattern is composed of small elongated stones, the relief of which brings them to life in your home. <br><br>&#x0D; &#x0D; This product has the following characteristics:<br>&#x0D; - 3 year warranty<br>&#x0D; - Indoor<br>&#x0D; - Outdoor<br>&#x0D; - Frost-resistant<br>&#x0D; - UV-resistant<br>&#x0D; - Lightweight<br><br>&#x0D; &#x0D; The pots have drainage holes, so water cannot accumulate in the pot. Make sure that these flowerpots are not in contact with the ground if it freezes, so that the drainage hole works properly. The indoor pots have no drainage holes but are not guaranteed to be 100% watertight. Would you like to use the flowerpot indoors? Then make sure there is no drainage hole in the bottom of the flowerpot. You can use an insert.<br><br>&#x0D; &#x0D; <a href="https:\\images.nieuwkoop-europe.com\download-center\Capi.pdf" target="_blank">View the brochure here</a><br><br>