Aglaonema 'Red Joy' 6/tray

Product number : 4AGRJBP12

The Aglaonema 'Red Joy' is a tropical plant species from the Araceae family. This plant is native to the damp, shady, tropical forest areas of Southeast Asia, especially in areas such as the Philippines and Southern China. The botanical name 'Aglaonema' is derived from the Greek words 'aglos', meaning 'bright', and 'nema', meaning 'thread', referring to the brightness of the fruit threads.

The Aglaonema 'Red Joy' is distinguished by its beautiful, elongated leaves with a predominantly red colour, which provides an attractive contrast with the bright green edges. The plant has a luxuriant, woodland growth manner making it perfect as a pot plant. The growth rate of the plant is relatively slow, but due to its unique leaves and few demands on its environment, the plant can bring joy for many years. The maximum height of the plant in ideal conditions can vary between 50 and 60 cm.

The Aglaonema 'Red Joy' has minimal care needs making it extremely suitable for a range of indoor environments. The plant thrives well in areas with low to medium light conditions, but prefers indirect sunlight. Like many tropical plants, the Aglaonema 'Red Joy' prefers high humidity, so water sprays are recommended to keep the moisture level up. The Aglaonema 'Red Joy' has a light thirst, but it is important to avoid the soil from becoming waterlogged or too dry. Watering should only occur when the top layer of the potting soil feels dry.

Aglaonema 'Red Joy' 6/tray

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