Beaucarnea recurvata

Product number : 4BEREV203

The Beaucarnea recurvata, also known as the Elephant's Foot or Ponytail Palm, is a plant species native to the arid areas of Mexico. The plant primarily grows in semi-desert areas and is adapted to a life with little water. Due to their long lifespan and resilience, these plants have been introduced in many areas around the world.

The Beaucarnea recurvata is a succulent, and thus it can store water in its unique swollen trunk, which gives it its nickname 'Elephant's Foot'. The plant has a distinctive style with long, hanging green leaves that grow from the top part of the trunk. This gives the plant the appearance of a small palm tree. The plant can grow in indoor conditions up to approximately two metres, but in its natural environment it can grow up to ten metres in height.

The Beaucarnea recurvata is a low-maintenance plant, suitable for beginners. It prefers bright light, but it can also survive in partial shade. The plant needs very little water. Watering once per fortnight in the summer and even just once per month in the winter is sufficient. Too much water can lead to root rot. The plant thrives best at a normal room temperature and does not tolerate cold draughts. It is also important not to repot the plant too often, as this can cause harm to the roots.

Beaucarnea recurvata