Ficus Lyrata

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The Ficus lyrata, also known as the fiddle leaf fig, originates from West Africa. There it grows in tropical rainforests, particularly from Cameroon to the Ivory Coast. The plant belongs to the Moraceae family, or Mulberry-like plants. In the wild, the Ficus lyrata can grow into a tree up to 12 meters high.

The Ficus lyrata is popular due to its striking, large leaves that resemble the shape of a violin, hence its nickname fiddle leaf fig. The glossy leaves are thick and feature prominent veins that contrast with the bright green colour of the leaf. It is a hardy, air-purifying house plant that thrives in indoor climate. This plant's growth is relatively slow, but with the right care, it can reach several meters high at home.

The Ficus lyrata requires specific care for optimal growth. It needs plenty of indirect sunlight and enjoys a warm, humid environment similar to its original habitat. Further, the plant requires good water management, but without the roots remaining in the water. The soil needs to be well-drained to prevent root rot. During the growth period in the spring and summer, it is necessary to regularly fertilise the plant.

Ficus Lyrata