What we do

Nieuwkoop Europe is the fulfilment partner for the green sector. We have been a leading international company in the interior landscaping market and related supply chain for many years. Our plants and planters find their way to mostly business projects via interior landscapers, architects, exporters, web shops, florists and other green resellers. With our purchasing and sales activities, we operate worldwide in over forty different countries. With more than fifty years of knowledge and experience, we offer you not only a complete assortment, but also custom-made products and full logistic support.

Import, export and production of pot and hydroculture plants

Nieuwkoop Europe specialises in growing and acclimatising imported plants into a cured product suitable for indoor climate conditions. These plants are supplied by selected national and international nurseries that produce especially for us. We regularly visit these nurseries to evaluate production and growth. This way, we guarantee a healthy and high-quality product.

We convert some of the imported pot plants to the system of hydroculture. Hydroculture has the advantage of allowing plants to absorb water and nutrients gradually, meaning the plant needs to be watered less often. Nieuwkoop Europe is one of the main founders of this system and now, with over 50 years of experience, we have become the leading producer of hydroculture in Europe.

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Import, export and production of hardware

Our product range consists not only of plants, but also of hardware: planters, moss and moss paintings, artificial plants and flowers, decorative materials and all kinds of items needed to carry out and maintain interior landscaping. To compile a high-quality assortment, we cooperate with leading producers and suppliers of A-brands at home and abroad.

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Full service and logistic solutions

At Nieuwkoop Europe, full service is paramount. We are always available to give you advice or support where needed, for example in terms of planting choices. We also offer you custom-made products and services, such as the complete assembly of plant-pot combinations and unique moss creations, entirely according to your wishes.

When it comes to logistics and transport, we are also happy to think along with you and provide logistic solutions that meet the wishes of our customers, wherever they may be. From our location in De Kwakel, near Schiphol Airport and in the vicinity of the Amsterdam and Rotterdam ports, we import and export many plants and planters every day. Thanks to our many years of experience, we have built up an optimal collaboration with various logistics partners. This enables us to provide fast and excellent logistics services in more than forty countries.

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