The Sansevieria

The Sansevieria has made an enormous comeback in recent years thanks to its high vintage appeal. It is a sturdy plant that is extremely easy to take care of. The Sansevieria originates from the dry regions of West Africa, where it has to survive in the sweltering heat of the desert. In the 60s and 70s, the Sansevieria was an inescapable part of interiors and windowsills in school classrooms, partly due to its easy character. Slowly but surely, the Sansevieria vanished from sight. Until new types with special colours and shapes were developed and people regained their love for the 'snake plant'. Nowadays, you often find the Sansevieria in the workplace. It needs very little water and can be positioned in a bright spot, but will also decorate a more dark spot with ease. Have a look at our reasonably priced and wide assortment.

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