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Various outdoor plants on sale

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Take advantage of attractive discounts on our range of Mediterranean plants. These plants are carefully selected and of excellent quality.

Olea europaea

Choose the Olea as a real eye-catcher in a spacious pot on the terrace or balcony. You can also plant this olive tree in the garden, preferably in a sunny spot. During extreme cold they need some protection. Olive trees are very tough and drought resistant. They have a slow, steady growth and are easy to maintain.

Olea europaea

Taxus baccata

We recommend Taxus baccata to create a beautiful tall green hedge. This is a very strong evergreen garden plant that can be used not only as a hedge, but also in various pruning forms. The very fine branching and the thin needles ensure a compact appearance. The Taxus can grow in the sun or in the shade and can be planted all year round.

Taxus baccata
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