Dracaena fragrans 'Compacta' in Karakter

Product number : CC0037473

The Dracaena is native to the tropics of Asia, Africa and South America. This very strong plant is suitable for virtually any interior. The Dracaena Compacta has relatively short, dark green leaves. These leaves form a full head at the end of the stem.

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The Gina Da brand stands for a homely feeling, lively colours and designs that radiate worldly diversity. The basis of the range is European ceramics complemented by a variety of other beautiful materials. The luxurious planters from the Karakter collection are real eye-catchers in the interior thanks to their stylish golden colour and unique structure. The planter is made from metal with a high-gloss finish and is intended for indoor use.

Planting system

This plant display is made up with a pot plant, filled with Vulkastrat and is equipped with a waterlevel indicator. Vulkastrat absorbs more water than regular soil and releases it gradually to the roots. Vulkastrat cannot shrink shut due to its coarse structure, which keeps the soil more airy and allows the roots to absorb enough oxygen.

Dracaena fragrans 'Compacta' in Karakter

Soil (Vulkastrat)
Planter Diameter: